Inspiration from the Word of God, Empowered by the Holy Spirit

  • (Un)Expected

    Do you need to get out of your own way?

    By releasing what we expect and putting our faith in Jesus, God can accomplish more in our lives than we can ask or think.

  • Fourth Quarter

    We are stepping into the fourth quarter of 2021! Are you committed to completing what God has asked you to accomplish this yearOr, have you written off what He has called you to do until next year? 
  • Just Understand It’s Part of His Plan

    The Lord is faithful. We can trust Him. We may not understand what He is doing when He is doing it, but really all we need to understand is it's part of His plan. The more we know Him, the more we can trust Him and the more He can use us.
  • What’s Your Favorite?

    Are you letting the familiarity of your favorites keep you from recognizing the blessings God has for you? His ways are not our ways. The blessings may look different than what you expect. 
  • Running On Empty

    When we feel empty, it’s an opportunity for God to fill us more with the Holy Spirit. The less of us, the more of Him that is available within us. This will empower us to keep sowing good seeds. We will reap a harvest! 
  • 3-21

    It’s March 21, 3-21! I challenge you to count down today and start what God has put in your heart! You will be amazed how much you can accomplish once you finally just start. So, let go of fear, let go of doubt, live your Authentic Existence®, and be ready! I can’t wait to hear your testimonies in the near future! Let’s go!!!

  • LOVE

    Each time in our lives, past, present and future, has a purpose and forms a continuum allowing us to see that we are loved! How deeply we each experience life is a choice that will determine how fully we experience God’s love, self love and love for others.
  • Celebrating Christ

    We want the next thing, something new. But, are we ready? We often live life in the "Milestone Mindset", focused on the next big thing. Do we need to refocus? Living for only those big moments will keep you from living a full life. Let us celebrate Christ daily to enjoy all that He has promised us!
  • Leap Year

    This trial of difficulty in the 2020 leap year is a great opportunity for us to evaluate any adjustments we need to make in our lives to get in alignment with God! This year is happening for a reason. He makes no mistakes!
  • She Don’t Act Like No Christian

    I did not feel I conformed to the image of a Christian. My image of a Christian had been someone who didn't do a list of things I heard were wrong. I was feeling very conflicted. Why would God call me to do great things, but make it so hard for me to be a "good" Christian?
  • His Faithful Love Endures Forever

    God can and will do extraordinary things. “His faithful love endures forever!” Are we able to recognize when He does the extraordinary? Or, are we just living with ordinary?
  • Blind Faith

    Though we generally expect darkness at the ending, it often symbolizes the beginning! The darkness can make us feel uncertain because we cannot see what’s ahead. We have to rely on faith and not sight! We must rest in God’s promises for us.