Inspiration from the Word of God, Empowered by the Holy Spirit

  • Blind Faith

    Though we generally expect darkness at the ending, it often symbolizes the beginning! The darkness can make us feel uncertain because we cannot see what’s ahead. We have to rely on faith and not sight! We must rest in God’s promises for us.
  • 8 Best Ways to Lose and Keep Off Weight

    Emphasis on my physical weight should not be my top priority. Losing and keeping off the weight of sin should be my goal to produce the best version of myself that God intended! Read more for the 8 Best Ways to Lose and Keep Off Weight! A fresh perspective on weight loss tips from my weight loss story!
  • Our Path as Christians to Racial Equality

    The start to racial equality will be the way we fundamentally look at people - all people! We must look at each other the way God looks at us! We must make a concerted effort to change the perception of blacks in America. We all have to honor one another! I am hopeful we can do this, together. Will you join me?
  • Energy Boost

    During this shelter in place due to the Coronavirus Disease of 2019 (COVID-19), let this time of pause allow you to enter God’s rest. God is getting ready to do a new thing! Be refreshed and ready to go even deeper with Him than ever before! So, take a new grip with your tired hands and strengthen your weak knees...
  • The Beauty of Life

    As I celebrate my birthday, I invite you to look to nature with me to remind us of the beauty of life. God references nature so often in His promises to us! His promises never change!
  • Be the Light

    Boldly reflect the light of the "Son", Jesus Christ, in your own way! The more we align to Him, the brighter our light will shine! In this world of darkness, we need more light. Be the light! Your light will divinely lead, whom God needs you to, to Him!
  • Purposely Running Freely

    God has a purpose for me. If I keep my eyes on Him and act, He will equip me with all I need to accomplish it here and in eternity! I pray this encourages you to accept this truth in your life!
  • Seek the Shepherd this Full Wolf Moon

    Look to God for everything! Experience His peace by obeying His commands. The experience is always delivered! There aren’t any required conditions. He is always there, even when life feels foggy and things aren’t clear.
  • How Brilliant Are You?

    How you respond will be based on how you interpret the question. I am not asking about your intelligence. I’m asking you to perform an honest assessment on how brightly you shine in this world.
  • Bearing Fruit

    Nine months ago, I had notated the repeating message I had been receiving of “fruitful.” I have birthed this message to share what God wanted me to learn! My prayer is it encourages you. 
  • Fearless

    Are you fearless? Or, are you living life where your simply fear less? Do you have fear because you feel less than!? Let this message inspire you to be bold and courageous according to God's Will.
  • Sunrise at the Mediterranean Sea

    As I sit on my hotel balcony, awaiting the sunrise over the Mediterranean Sea, I realize it’s not an ordinary Monday. It’s a quiet moment of peace and clarity. It’s as simple and complex as the moon currently shining in the blush sky. I’ve had the epiphany that a lot of trial has led me to a place of reward.