Authentic Existence® jewelry, headwear, drinkware and other products incorporate symbols in their designs to be visual reminders to stay in alignment with Jesus Christ.

Scroll down to learn more about what these symbols mean!

Illustrations created by Sydney Raye


Bold Full Moon™

Our signature symbol for the brand!

Bold Full Moon

Be You | Reflect Light | Be Visible 

Circular and spherical shapes personify the moon and the logo simply exemplifies the mission to reflect the light of the "Son,"  Jesus Christ!





Patient | Kind | Always Hopeful | Enduring

The heart reminds us to love the Lord our God and each other. The word love is intertwined to clearly communicates the message of love.




Confidence in God in All Circumstances

Brilliant, bright colors represent the light associated with joy. Not that trouble won't come, but the assurance that God is in control!



Rest in God's Protection

The dove represents the Holy Spirit. Feathers and wings symbolize the refuge and shelter of the Most High, providing rest in the shadow of the Almighty.




Process of Positive Change

The butterfly represents the growth that occurs over time by relinquishing the old self to fulfill a beautiful purpose.




Escape Bondage | Move Forward | Don't Stumble | Elevate

The frog reminds us to leave behind what is holding us back and to keep moving towards what God has promised. Look to Him to not get tripped up; His ways will empower us to jump over obstacles and fulfill our purpose! 


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