Why Authentic Existence®?

Many of us often feel like we don't fit in completely. Unfortunately, this can lead to us adjusting to our environment to project what we think will be accepted, creating shells over our real identities and preventing us from living at our full potential. We become out of alignment with God's purpose and plan for us. 

Are you over-burdened by society's secular expectations, resulting in you carrying excess weight of the world, covering your true self? If you are ready to lose this weight, don't fret! The Good News provides the opportunity each day for you to release this burden and experience freedom through Christ! 

My name is Cynthia E. Crawford. I am a child of God, disciple of Jesus, the wife of Ray for twenty years, mother to two teenagers - Sydney Raye and Raymond, the CEO of Authentic Existence® and an author.


God called me to lead Authentic Existence® to illuminate what He has taught me through my own struggles with weight. I share practical steps I've learned to inspire you to exercise your faith for the spiritual, physical and mental fitness to lose the weight of the world!

Authentic Existence® is dedicated to "Helping You See Who God Designed You to Be!"™ by providing biblical inspiration to open the eyes of your heart. This inspiration connects to symbolic jewelry and unique products that incorporate features in their designs to be visual reminders to affirm God's Word throughout the day. 

When in alignment with Christ, we will reflect love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. 

When we decide to live as designed, in alignment with Jesus, He takes the weight of the world off of us. We gain the courage to be our true selves, unleashing our access to fulfillment that's been waiting for us to receive it!

Mission & Vision

The mission of Authentic Existence® is to spread the Word of God through simple, unique products and testimonies to encourage all to boldly reflect the light of the "Son", Jesus Christ, in their own way. 

The vision of Authentic Existence® is to bring this and future generations closer to God through His Son.

Invitation to You to Join This Journey

I was scared to do this at first! Transformation is a process and I did not want the judgement of others during my process. Then, God spoke to me that the process will not end until Jesus Christ returns! Therefore, me waiting to bring others to Christ once I had it all together is impossible. I will never have it all together! That is why me and you need Christ!!! So, here I am, being obedient, sharing this journey with you!

The brand encourages being who God designed you to be, uniquely you, even at the risk of the judgement of others and to not be invisible in an attempt to hide shortcomings. I call this being a Bold Full Moon. The website (boldfullmoon.com) and social media handles (@boldfullmoon) were named this to remind you to reflect Him. Every testimony is derived from a test and is worthy to be shared.

My Authentic Existence® has been unleashed by ending my pursuit of perfection and fear of failure. I am dedicated to live my life where my words and actions match my faith, yet am able to forgive myself when I fall short, knowing that each and every day God gives new mercies and grace.

I will continue to surrender to God's Will and live my Authentic Existence®! This is my personal invitation for you to join me.

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