Inspirational Blog Posts

  • Fearless

    Are you fearless? Or, are you living life where your simply fear less? Do you have fear because you feel less than!?
  • Sunrise at the Mediterranean Sea

    As I sit on my hotel balcony, awaiting the sunrise over the Mediterranean Sea, I realize it’s not an ordinary Monday. It’s a quiet moment of peace and clarity. It’s as simple and complex as the moon currently shining in the blush sky. I’ve had the epiphany that a lot of trial has led me to a place of reward. 
  • Who Says I Can’t

    The story about a man named Rob Mendez, born with no arms and legs who had achieved his goal of becoming a football coach, will put your challenges in perspective.
  • When the Spirit Moves You

    When the spirit moves you: Make that phone call. Send that text. Say hello. Pay for the person behind you. Listen without distractions. Give a comp...
  • And the Winner Is...

    In the midst of our attempt to obtain the “big win,” what has already been achieved can get overlooked.
  • It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

    Are you able to identify when you didn’t achieve something you wanted because you know you had more preparation to do? Or, when God put a pause in your progress because He had more pruning to do in you so when you did achieve it, you were ready? Sometimes it’s a redirection for something even better.
  • I Am Ready

    I have let go of fear.  I have let go of doubt. I am prepared to live my Authentic Existence. I am ready!