Drink Up

But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life."
John 4:14 NLT 

On the days I have an intense workout, I have no issue with consuming a lot of water. As I use more energy and produce a significant amount of sweat, I crave for my thirst to be quenched. I need to be replenished.

Contrarily, on days I do not exercise, it can be difficult for me to drink the daily recommended amount of water. Water is essential to being healthy and to sustain life. And though I know these facts, it still sometimes seems so hard for me to simply drink enough on these days.

As my spiritual, physical, and mental fitness have continued to improve on my journey to live my Authentic Existence®, I recognized this challenge as an opportunity for God to continue to grow me. Every part of life is significant to the whole experience. 

Physically, I needed a refresh. I introduced my palate to sparkling water in a variety of flavors. But, the game-changer has been adding ginger root and fresh lemon to my plain water. These additions make it so refreshing that I can easily drink a full pitcher of water and meet my daily requirement, whether I have exercised or not.

Mentally, by focusing on how to turn this challenge for good, I started to notice other ideas as well. For example, my friend on social media shared how she not only added ginger and lemon to her water, but mint and cucumber, too. By seeking solutions, they emerged. 

God revealed to me the renewal I had in how I approached taking in more drinking water could be applied spiritually. I tended to ebb and flow in tapping into my access to the Living Water. When I decided to exercise my faith and I could feel and see what the Holy Spirit was doing in and through me, I had no issues tapping in more; not so much when circumstances sparked unbelief. I knew I could not live well with this inconsistency.

Access to the Living Water is one of many blessings I took for granted. Another being always having access to clean water in my home, with the rare exception of a water main break in the area where it is advised not to consume the water; these times give me a reminder of how fortunate I am. 

This is not the circumstance for everyone around the world. Although water is plentiful, there are obstacles that keep some from readily being able to access clean water suitable for consumption.

In response to this, I studied the process of how clean water gets to me. While I simply turn on the faucet at the sink or push the lever on the fridge, the water is readily available because it has been stored after being cleaned and tested for purity at local water treatment plants. It is delivered to me from the piping system in the region and in my home. The source of this water comes from a water system consisting of a local river, lakes and streams.

Many of these water systems cover the Earth. There are open water systems that connect these various smaller bodies of water to the oceans and every ocean is interconnected. The majority of Earth is covered with water, displaying its importance.

As the account of creation in Genesis 1 states, in the beginning when God created the heavens and Earth, the Earth was formless and empty; darkness covered the deep waters and the Spirit of God hovered over the water surface. Then, on the third day, God spoke the formation of land. God provided land, but also maintained a plentiful amount of water.

The land that formed allowed for vegetation; the plants and the fruit produced are largely made of water. Similarly, the animals created are majority water. And we as humans are also mainly composed of water. Every living thing contains and needs water. 

Reflecting on this divine design helps me grasp the significance of water for life. This helps me not take for granted the provision made for me to receive it. Spiritually, an even greater source of provision has been provided. As Jesus stated in John 4:14, it is through Him the Living Water has been made available, providing eternal life.

We must not forget all that Jesus' ultimate sacrifice entails for us to receive this Living Water. He took on our sins, though He lived a sinless life. He was crucified, died and rose on the third day by the power of the Holy Spirit that lives in us as believers! We decide how much we choose to access this Living Water. There should be no days off in exercising our faith. 

God has called us to serve in His Kingdom. Our purpose is to glorify Him and point others to Jesus. We are seated in the heavenly realms with Christ, thus we have to stay connected to Heaven while here on Earth to accomplish this. This connection can only be made through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. We bring God glory by reflecting Christ here on Earth. This is why being filled with the Living Water is important.

Though intended for all, the majority of those in the world have not yet received access to the Living Water because they are not yet saved. Allowing the Living Water to flow in and through us brings more people to Christ so they may receive the eternal life He freely gives. When we see things from this perspective, we should count our blessings and be motivated to take in the Living Water daily until we overflow!

Thank God for His faithfulness. He provides us with new mercies every morning (Lamentations 3:22-23). So, if we have been operating partially empty, today is another opportunity to be filled! 

Prayer has been extremely important for me to live this way as God has designed. However, I've learned I need additional ways to keep my thirst quenched. I have looked to God to help me to continually soak in the Spirit. He's shown me immersing myself in His creation helps me to see Him in everything. This positions me to recount all that He has done in my life, strengthening my faith to praise Him in advance for what He has put in my heart He will do.

May you be encouraged to be filled by the Living Water. You are an important part of God’s Plan, connected to providing this access that yields eternal life to the world. Overflow and fulfill your purpose!

Remember, everything is in place; God has made the provision. We have to decide to open up and allow the Living Water to flow. 

Are you accessing the Living Water daily?

What will you implement to stay refreshed and renewed to live as God designed?


Authentic Existence® Affirmation:

I will allow the Living Water to flow in and through me daily to execute my important part of God's plan. 


Heavenly Father, thank You for Your provision for us to live well as You have designed, here on Earth and eternally in Heaven. Thank You, Jesus, for Your Sacrifice. Lord, help us stay refreshed and renewed, so we may never forget what our salvation provides and how we connect to Your plan. May we tap in to do our part, allowing the Living Water to flow freely through us to help reach everyone, everywhere. 

In Jesus' Name we pray, Amen!


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