Who Says I Can’t

I’m sitting on the couch, exhausted, watching ABC World News Tonight. Towards the end of the show, a clip from the ESPY awards comes on. It was showing Rob Mendez, a high school football coach with no limbs, receiving the Jimmy V Perseverance Award. I had previously heard his story and it inspired me. Here is what I thought when I first heard it several months ago:

As I was preparing to go to bed, Nightline was on. There was a story about a man named Rob Mendez, born with no arms and legs who had achieved his goal of becoming a football coach. Listening to his story put my challenges in perspective. It also allowed me to have a deep cry, as my spirit needed to be refreshed. When my tear-filled eyes could see with some clarity, I noticed a “47” on his hat. This resonated with me as this is a number I use often due to my birthday being April 7. That small detail let me know God was talking to me. What I learned is no matter what, be myself and keep striving for what God has for me. If Rob could face his physical challenges everyday on top of what this world throws at him, I, as an able-bodied, intelligent woman of God, am capable of all the desires the Lord has put upon my heart. As Rob’s t-shirt stated, “who says I can’t?”

Thanks, Robfor inspiring me again! I can do this!!!

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