Purposely Running Freely

On some things, I’m confused.
On some things, I’m very clear.
What I do know for sure, 
Is my Lord is always near.
So, my heart need not be troubled,
I don’t need to shed a tear.
Because I have a power within me, 
That can drive out all fear.
I’ll boldly pray to Him,
He’s waiting for me to ask.
All I need is the faith of a mustard seed,
To conquer any task.
I’ll write my vision to make it plain,
And ask that it be done, in Jesus’ name.
In that day, when it comes to pass,
I’ll not forget, in whose name I asked.
I won’t keep this power, 
To myself!
I’ll boldly confess, 
It was with my Father’s help!
When I’m weak, 
He is strong.
He is my comforter, 
When I feel like I don’t belong.
Because of this, 
I always pull through.
To accomplish my purpose,
He has put me here to do.
When the world sees my glory,
And I receive fame.
I’ll give Him the glory,
I vow to praise His name.
Oh, I could boast,
And that would be a shame.
I’m nothing without Him, 
and in Him only, will I proclaim.
It was when I realized, 
that I was trying to pass a test.
That it’s not by my works, 
That I’ll find rest.
In order for me,
To truly be my best.
I must release control,
And, to Him, always say yes!
He gave His life,
So I can be saved.
I’ve surrendered my life,
And have been truly amazed!
Now all I do is run,
the race He has for me. 
With my eyes fixed on Him,
I win and am free!
Not by my strength,
Do I run this race.
I’ll only be able to complete it,
With His grace.
I don’t need to know the path,
He’s there guiding me.
I just need to keep running,
He’s promised me victory!

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  • Amen…He is the guiding light…🙏🏽🙏🏽


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