Looking back is an interesting action. It can show us how far we have come and how we have been blessed. It can remind us of a past season that was favorable. Contrarily, it can leave us wishing we would have done things differently. We can use the past to gain perspective of time and learn to be more patient. We can see the value in being kind to ourselves and others from the mercy and grace we have received. The past can do any of this. Though it is important to understand that gaining anything from it is not automatic. The opportunity exists to use it for good, regret or not at all. This is a choice.

Observing the present and living in the moment is a gift we should unwrap and enjoy. If we open our eyes and hearts, there is so much to experience. Being present provides a deep appreciation of what we do have as we realize we can only experience what we are blessed with. When we count our blessings, we are actively appreciating the expressions of love that have been extended to us. The present is also redemption of our past. Everything we have ever experienced has led us to our current perspective and given us the access to our current wisdom. This should give us the ability to celebrate and make amends with the past. We should realize the present is also a cumulative gift that gets better with every moment. And, every moment is an opportunity given to each of us to do what we are purposed to do. We can use these gifts or not. This is a choice.

Visions of the future give us a reason to always be hopeful for what is possible and expectation for what can be. They are necessary to keep us moving forward. Life is set in motion, this is why time doesn’t stand still. We do not know what lies ahead. But, how our lives continue to unfold is based upon our focus. The key is we have to believe to see! What we see, with our eyes and our hearts, is what we become and achieve. This ties the importance of every moment of our lives. Nothing is wasted unless we choose not to use it. We have to decide who or what we look to. This is a choice.

Each time in our lives, past, present and future, has a purpose and forms a continuum. The patience, kindness and hope we experience throughout allow us to endure; this is love (1 Corinthians 13:4-7). We choose whether or not to receive it and to what degree. God is love and He has expressed His eternal love for us by sending us Jesus (1 John 4:8-9 NLT). Let’s choose to let every aspect of our lives show us we are loved! How deeply we each experience life is a choice that will determine how fully we experience God’s love, self love and love for others. I encourage you to go deep! Do all God has purposed you to do! That’s the greatest gift we can give in return to express our love and appreciation. A life well-lived is a life well-loved. 

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