Centered in Christ Devotional: Steadfast and Immovable Volume 1

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'Centered in Christ: Steadfast & Immovable Devotional Volume 1' is now available for pre-order! The book release will occur late November 2021 and it will be shipped to you upon release; shipping & handling is included in the list price for domestic orders.

'Centered in Christ: Steadfast & Immovable Devotional Volume 1' is a wonderful collection of heartfelt testimonies to encourage you to be unwavering in allowing Jesus Christ to reign in your life as Lord and Savior!


Personal Note:

Following Jesus, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead me and reading the Word of God daily have been life-changing! Jesus is the Word and there is freedom that can only be experienced by knowing Him. I have found rest through our relationship because I know I can trust Him! He is my Rock!

Meditating on the Word and obeying it is key to prospering and succeeding in all we do (Joshua 1:8). Incorporating devotionals is an excellent way to support meditation with the scriptures, narratives, perspectives, affirmations, points to ponder and prayers provided.

This is why I am super excited and honored to have the opportunity to be a co-author for this book! To be able to share a testimony of mine with the world in a devotional is extremely fulfilling and humbling!

I can testify that by staying connected to Jesus, my spiritual, physical and mental fitness continues to grow everyday, enabling me to live the life God designed for me! I want to share this book with as many people as possible so they may begin or continue to experience a life centered in Christ!

I encourage you to order your copy of 'Centered in Christ: Steadfast & Immovable Devotional Volume 1' today! Order copies for your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, organization and church!

With Love,

Cynthia E. Crawford

CEO, Authentic Existence®

Co-Author, 'Centered in Christ: Steadfast & Immovable Devotional Volume 1'